03 septembre 2008

Ciba® TINOSORB® UV Filters

Ciba® TINOSORB® UV Filters

Because UV protection shuld last for hours, TINOSORB® UV Filters were derived from a technology transfer from industries where photostability is a requirement.

Because a sunscreen should protect over the whole UV spectrum, TINOSORB® UV Filters offer broad-spectrum protection to protect efficientliy against both UVB and UVA rays.

The first microfine, particulate organic UV filter

TINOSORB® M is a unique combination of features from organic chemistry and inorganic properties that enables protection the skin through absorption, scattering and reflection of UV radiation.


The most efficient broad-spectrum UV filter

TINOSORB® S is a highly effective broadband UV filter that helps shield the skin from the UVA and UVB rays that do damage every day.

UVB filter to achieve high SPF


UVA filter to balance the spectrum

Photostable, broad-spectrum UV filter, the base for an efficient sunscreen

TINOSORB® UV Filter technology is already used in almost every modern sunscreen.

TINOSORB® UV Filters, with their high broad-spectrum performance and excellent safety profile, are also the ideal filters for day care.

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